Relief CBD Salt Soak

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We all know to hop in the bath every now and then. But did you know it's a tried and true at-home hydrotherapy treatment? 

Our skin, activated by the warmth of the water, soaks up all the beneficial minerals, oils, and necessary nutrients throughout the process! 

A healing bath can be a beautiful ritual to incorporate into anybody's self-care routine & a powerful recovery tool for soothing sore muscles, aiding with migraine relief, and promoting a good ol' calm down session to provide a peaceful night's rest. 

Recover and Relax in the bath!

Relieve pesky aches and pains by adding a scoop of our Arnica-Infused Salt Soak in our signature aroma blend of light Rosemary Mint with notes of Lavender and 250 mg of CBD. Packed with all natural Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt and luxurious Pink Himalayan Salt. 

8 oz, 250 mg