Small Batch. All Natural. Artisan Made.
Time-tested CBD Products for People and Pets

After a decade of working within the world of natural pain relief, I sought to combine my skills as an experienced bodyworker specializing in chronic pain with CBD treatments for my clients. Inspired by my family, community, and with the help of a small group of independent women, Log Cabin Apothecary was born. 

Log Cabin Apothecary is a small batch CBD company specializing in curated aroma blends, all-natural flavors and ingredients we artfully craft products including bath bombs, tinctures, and pain-relieving topical ointments.

Our brand is inspired by the location of our production facility and family homestead. On the grounds still stands a historically marked Log Cabin built in 1845. My third great-grandmother, Lula Maude, earned her living by making medicinal salves and herbal remedies from things like dandelion, nettle, and other native foraged plants. Once per year, a band of travelers would come camp on the edge of the creek near her cabin in East Texas and use the willow branches to form bent wood furniture that they would then trade for her wares. Through following the generations, the women in my family have all given their lives to a healing profession in one way or another. Lula's daughter owned and operated a pharmacy in Lufkin, Texas with her husband Jeff. Her daughter went on to found an in-patient rehabilitation center for adolescents with her husband Bob. Her daughter became an Art Therapist and disability advocate, specifically in the realm of neurological disorders.

And now, nearly 100 years later, we honor our heritage through creating in the old way, by hand and with integrity. We use the highest quality natural ingredients with the addition of the all-around best pain relieving and anti-inflammatory active ingredient available - CBD. Our Isolate is compelely THC-Free, third-party tested, and Grandma Approved.

Log Cabin Apothecary is here to provide you with herbal essentials your body needs to thrive. Supporting you by creating an all-purpose, wholesome line of products to encourage a healthy, easy to follow self-care routine for you and your loved ones. From our hands to yours, from our hearts to yours.


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