Grandma Approved

Grandma Approved

Posted by Bobbie Power on Jun 28th 2021

“My mother’s mother was a very interesting woman. She was very closed-mouthed and we never really knew a whole lot about her. Even her husband and her children. But she was a forager and healer. She knew which herbs were good for various ailments and which kind of plants to use for different things. In 1918, during the Spanish Flu epidemic, my mother was about 8 years old. She said her mother every morning would get up and do her little crocks and jars of soups and teas that she’d brewed the day before out of everything she could find. Then she’d go with a little basket to her neighbors’ houses because everybody had somebody dying with this Spanish Flu.

My mother would beg to go with her and my grandmother would say “No,”… she was very stern person so mother minded her. She said, “You cannot go, do not leave this porch.” She’d watched her all of her live make salves and ointments out of bull nettles. The bull nettle is a root that you dig. She’d fry it in bacon drippings and slice it like potatoes and when it got brown she’d take it out to let the bacon drippings cool then put it in little tins. She sold it and people would come knock on the door to buy it. She knew all sorts of healing things.

My dad was a pharmacist. My mother lived with her mother doing her sort of in-the-woods and in-the-pasture medications and then she went on to run the local drug store and pharmacy with her husband in Lufkin, Texas. Then we started the Ranch, which is a treatment hospital for young adults who suffer from drug addiction and alcohol issues. We don’t have a doctor in the family, but it seems that we’ve always had members who were interested in healing.

I guess it was a pretty natural when Bobbie became interested in these things. She’s just always been around it. So, just out of the blue, nobody planted this seed with her, she just did it. The more she got involved, the more enthusiastic she got, and the more she wanted to learn. She’s still got a lot to learn about herbalistic treatments and holistic medicines, but she’s on the right track. This just seems like it was meant to be.”

May 27, 2021

Rebecca Jane Power