Hemp-Infused Honey Pot

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Add a little sweetness to your self-care routine with this ethically-sourced and lovingly infused Pure Texas Wildflower Honey.

We’ve worked harmoniously with small producers right in our hometown to incorporate sustainably-sourced local honey into our product line.

Now, we all know that our bees are in danger; They need our support and protection. We honor their work by only using raw honey drawn from the hive at appropriate times of season. This allows us to scale our line in accordance with the available stock and use it with integrity for our Hemp-Infused Honey Pot and lovely Honeyed-Peach Lip Balm. We always encourage mindful consumption with any addition to your self-care routine. You can rest assured we're doing our best to give back to the bees and the earth with our manufacturing process.

1.5 oz, 150 mg