Where We Do It

I’m Bobbie Power with Log Cabin Apothecary Products. 

I wanted to introduce myself as one of the newest members to join the Caravan Co-op! I’m holding down the All-Natural Bath & Body department here at the Hill Country Galleria in beautiful Austin, Texas. 

I’ll be doing an instagram story takeover once a week to talk about new releases like plant-pigmented cosmetics and intentional items like ritual bath soaks. Most importantly, I'll be speaking on how to properly use our tried and true blends that I’ve been crafting for my clients for years and years. 

If you’d like a little more background on me you can head over to logcabinapothecary.com or find us on social media @logcabinapothecary, but for now I just want to say HAPPY SPOOKY SEASON!  We made it.

It's a great time for a bath. 

I will be testing out a few short run, small batch items exclusively at the Caravan Coop on a rolling basis throughout the rest of the year. The best products are the only products that ever make the cut for web sales, but it sure is fun to try some of my intuitive convections before they're sold out!

Caravan is open everyday from 11-7 and I or one of my amazing partners here will be ready and willing to help you! Come on by and support a women-led co-op!