What We Do

Here at Log Cabin Apothecary, we formulate everything to make you feel better. That’s our big goal and driving force.  By combining effective encouragement, approachable herbalism, and inclusive coaching we’ve figured out foolproof self-care systems to support long term change. 

No one deserves to live in pain, and we know how layered a thing it tends to be. Incorporating self-care, wholesome routines, and active herbal agents can transform a life and often have a positive  ripple effect to their loved ones. 

We believe in manufacturing environmentally and socially conscious goods so we always create multipurpose bath & body products with old-timey recipes and methods. 

After over a decade of hard work, we feel we’ve found the best herbal remedies and sustainable ingredients native Texas has to offer. We’re always planning new, innovative approaches to self-care and in doing so hope to bring positive energy and change in the world. 

-So, we honor the wisdom of beings like plants and grandmothers that raise us up.

-Stay grateful for those who have entrusted us with their shared secrets to keep them save. 

-Appreciate the storms and the sunshine because we know how both will help us grow. 

Well, here’s to friends, family, and allies! Thank you for stoppin’ by.  Remember… a trouble shared is a trouble halved and the only difference between a flower and weed is judgement. 

Follow along to find tips, tricks, and even more herbal activists on social @logcabinapothecary!